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Beginning Guitar Class
In this class students are introduced to the basics of guitar in a fun, relaxed, group environment. Learn chords, strums, and basic strum patterns while learning to play simple songs. For the very beginner, all you need is a guitar and a yearning to learn. Schedule & Cost

Jamming Essentials
In this class you’ll learn the skills that will allow you to play and jam with others. We will cover common chord progressions, scale shapes, and elements of music such as form, dynamics, and rhythm. Students should have a comfortable grasp of basic chords and a desire to play in a group. This class is structured for guitar players but other instruments are welcome. Schedule & Cost

The Kids Vocal Ensembles
The Kids vocal ensemble is a group designed for kids who love to sing. We will learn basic singing techniques and sing songs from all over the world. Students will learn elements of singing like melody, harmony, and rhythm while having fun learning how to sing together as a group. The class will culminate with a casual performance for parents and friends. No previous singing experience is necessary, just a passion to sing. Schedule & Cost

Songwriters Soundingboard
This weekly gathering gives songwriters a forum to share songs, receive feedback from other songwriters, and gain essential performance experience. We’ll discuss all elements of songwriting including form, lyrical content, tension and release, and performance practice. Anyone who’s ever written a song is welcome. Schedule & Cost

Fundamentals of Singing
Singing is about feeling sound as much as it is about hearing it. In this class we will learn the  fundamentals needed to use your body as an instrument. We’ll learn easy to understand techniques for breathing, tone placement, and resonance using easy to understand evercises.This class is valuable for those just getting started singing as well as seasoned singers who are looking to create a good foundation. Schedule & Cost

Studio Recording 101
Are you interested in building your own home project studio? We are offering intro classes and private consultation for home recording from setup and installation, to sound insulating and mic placement. Whether you are working on Protools, Cubase, or Garage Band, there are important steps you need to take to get the best sound possible. It is possible to get truly professional sounding recordings from a project studio but you there are essential steps and missteps along the way that we can help you traverse. Schedule & Cost