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The Creative Music Space was founded by Ben Senterfit to provide a voice for music in the Hudson Valley. Our goal is to prepare people for a musical life Рrefining and building skills for professional and aspiring performers  while providing an educational center in the community for all ages.

Ben Senterfitben-looking-down

Ben Senterfit is a multi-instrumentalist and music educator who has been teaching and performing professionally for over twenty years. His teaching experience includes 3 years as a High School jazz band director and 5 years as an instructor at The Swallow Hill Music Association in Denver, CO. Ben has toured and performed throughout the country, owned a record label and currently operates a studio and music production company.He holds a music degree from the Lamont School of Music and has worked intensively with voice coach and mentor Dr. Scott Martin. He has been a student of the saxophone and guitar since he was 8 years old and teaches all levels of both instruments. He lives in Red Hook with his wife and two children.